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Table Top & Art epoxy 1:1 ratio (Price per 10L kit)

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Our Table Top epoxy is a simple 1-1 ratio by volume. It is rated for up to 1/4” thick or 6mm. 


  • Odourless!
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti yellowing


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    Please read all of these instructions carefully

    • This is a tabletop and art epoxy. Great for finish coats on tables, counters, canvases, and more. You don't want to cast with this epoxy. See our 2-1 for casting needs. Do not pour more than a 1/4" with this resin.
    • Mixing is the most important step to epoxy. If you mix the product correctly it will harden. Heat can always be added to the reaction a few days after the initial pour if the epoxy is still soft. If the epoxy is still soft even after heating the room with a space heater, it was a mixing issue. 
    • Always scrape the sides while mixing. I generally use a drill with a mixing attachment and paint stick 2-4 times while mixing to scrape the edges thoroughly. 
    • Never scrape out the epoxy mixing bucket into the pour. If you missed any resin in the mixing process, it will lie on top and not harden. 
    • Since this is a 1-1 epoxy, the pot life is much shorter than a typical casting resin. You want to be sure to torch out any bubbles before letting it fully cure. I recommend torching after the pour and then rechecking the table in 30-minute increments until you are impressed. Usually, you only need to check once more.
    • Water will cause you nightmares. Don’t ever let your epoxy come in contact with moisture.
    • Be conscious of the pot life with this product. 1-1 resins harden fast and if left in a cup (obviously a greater thickness than 1/4" it will set up and create heat quickly. You have about 15-20 minutes to use the resin.
    • The ideal temp for this epoxy is around 20 Celsius or 70 Fahrenheit.
    • Have more questions? EMAIL ME. I am here to help my customers. 



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    scott gillians
    Table top epoxy

    The epoxy worked to perfection. It took the colour perfectly with no bubbles to speak of. I will absolutely purchase this product again.


    The price is quite reasonable and the quality is great. Even though they charge you a shipping fee
    And the other companies I used didn't. I find it well worth it.

    Elsie Lucas
    Best coaster resin

    This resin works amazing for all my coasters and resin projects. I love that its hard in 12-24 hours at most. No bubbles easy to mix and good customer service when i asked for some advice.

    Doug King
    Cheap and high quality

    Best art and table top resin I’ve used. I used it to coat my bar and my wife used it for some smaller jewelry casting and coasters. Both pleased and ordered another already

    Sean Mackinnon

    Used this to coat a couple of bar tops for a client. Worked great. Hard as a rock and the price was unbeatable. Dried crystal clear with no air bubbles. The 10L will last me a while but I will order more when the time comes.