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Save 10% on all orders over $300 CAD (225 USD) use code "SAVE300" Save 15% on all orders over $1,000 CAD (750 USD) use code "SAVE1000"
Save 10% on all orders over $300 CAD (225 USD) use code "SAVE300" Save 15% on all orders over $1,000 CAD (750 USD) use code "SAVE1000"

Deep Pour Epoxy 2:1 Ratio (Price Per 15 Litre Kit)

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$300.00 - $300.00
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Our epoxy is a simple 2-1 ratio by volume. It is rated for up to 2” thick or 5cm. 

  • Odourless!
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti yellowing 

Please read all of these instructions carefully

  • The labels state the temp must be above 20 degrees Celsius. This is true for smaller pours up to about a 1/2”.  But if you’re going to 2”/5cm then you want this temp to be 16-19 degrees and no more 
  • Our epoxy is generally ready for de-moulding after 48 hours. If it feels as hard as a rock if it usually good to go. Depending on ambient temp, quantity mixed and depth this can change slightly, but 48-72 hours is generally all it takes. 
  • Mixing is the most important step to epoxy. If you mix the product correctly it will harden. Heat can always be added to the reaction a few days after the initial pour if the epoxy is still soft. If the epoxy is still soft even after heating the room with a space heater, it was a mixing issue. 
  • Always scrape the sides while mixing. I generally use a drill with a mixing attachment and paint stick 2-4 times while mixing to scrape the edges thoroughly. 
  • Never scrape out the epoxy mixing bucket into the pour. If you missed any resin in the mixing process, it will lie on top and not harden. 
  • This epoxy is very good at self-gassing, I always torch the bubbles anyways. Set a timer on your phone for 12 hours after you pour and go pop those suckers, why risk it.
  • Water will cause you nightmares. Don’t ever let your epoxy come in contact with moisture.
  • Worried about a leak? Pour a few liters to start, and then pour more before it is fully cured (around 24-30 hours). This will prevent you from watching 100’s of dollars leak onto the floor, unfortunately, this tip and all the others are from personal experience. 
  • Have more questions? EMAIL ME. I am here to help my customers.

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